Greene Tweed entered the aerospace and defense industry over 50 years ago with sealing systems for landing gear. Today, our elastomers, engineered thermoplastics, and thermoplastic composite products remain the gold standard, and have continued to evolve with new innovations such as our Xycomp® DLF™ thermoplastic composite.

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Aerospace and Defense Products & Capabilities


Product Overview

Aerospace and Defense sealing systems are designed to efficiently transfer energy, keep fluids in, contaminants out, and prevent components from wearing out in harsh environments. Sealing Systems typically consists of static seals, dynamic seals, bearings, and scrapers.

Seals can be one component all the way up to multiple components and materials.  However, most seals rely on elastomer contacting the hardware or plastic contacting the hardware.  More information on the types of seals we offer is available on our interactive catalog.

Engine Fuel Seals

Braking Seals

Landing Gear Seals

Flight Control Seals

Utility Seals


Greene Tweed offers a complete portfolio of elastomer and thermoplastic materials that when combined with design provide a reliable sealing solution. Our elastomer portfolio includes Chemraz® perfluoroelastomers and Fusion® fluoroelastomers, while our Arlon® and Avalon® grades of engineered thermoplastics offer options to optimize performance for temperature, chemical compatibility, wear and strength. Learn more about the materials best suited for Aerospace and Defense applications in our Resource Library.

Product Development

Backed by a portfolio of industry leading elastomer and thermoplastic materials, Greene Tweed is an expert in designing and developing innovative sealing solutions that perform reliably in applications. Greene Tweed evaluates factors including chemical compatibility, extrusion resistance, and compression set to determine the material and geometry best suited for an application.

Visit our Design and Application Engineering to learn more about Greene Tweed’s capabilities.

Application Engineering

For more than fifty years, Greene Tweed has innovated and designed sealing solutions that improve reliability and cost of ownership across myriad applications in the Aerospace and Defense markets. Our seals are relied upon by major OEMs across the globe and we are the market leader for seals utilized in landing gear applications. Our extensive experience in applications engineering have spanned a variety of critical Aerospace and Defense systems including braking, engines, flight controls, powertrain, suspensions, and recoil.

Aerospace and Defense Catalog

More information on the types of seals we offer is available on our interactive catalog.



Greene Tweed has a long history of developing high-performance thermoplastic and composite components for a broad range of critical Aerospace and Defense applications, using PAEK or other high-end thermoplastic matrix materials.

Greene Tweed thermoplastic and composite structural components offer:

  • Lightweight, high-performance alternative to metal parts, components, and assemblies
  • Reduced part complexity and cost by combining multiple assembled components into one molded part
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio in demanding environments
  • Low wear, thermal stability
  • High impact, chemical resistance

From initial concept to production implementation, Greene Tweed provides exceptional support with industry-leading standards of on-time delivery and quality to ensure long term service.

Arlon® Thermoplastic Components

Greene Tweed has designed and produced Aerospace and Defense components from advanced engineered thermoplastics (AET) for more than 30 years. Injection-molded AET components molded using Greene Tweed’s Arlon® materials provide high performance and reliability in the most challenging environments.

Greene Tweed specializes in the molding of high-performance Arlon® thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEK, PEI, and PPS, and overmolded features such as metallic inserts and electrical connections. Unfilled products and carbon- or glass fiber- reinforced materials and various friction/wear grades can be selected to meet specific application needs.

Visit our Resource Library for data sheets and other information about Arlon®.

Xycomp® Composite Components

Greene Tweed’s Xycomp® thermoplastic composite components are a lightweight, high-performance alternative for metal parts. Xycomp® components can reduce weight by up to 60 percent to help reduce emissions and fuel burn while providing corrosion, fatigue, and impact resistance equal to or better than metal. Xycomp® thermoplastic composite materials are based on fiber-reinforced PEEK, PEKK, and PEI polymer matrix materials for use in severe service environments.

Greene Tweed has capabilities for both design to specification and build to print for the manufacture of Aerospace components. Typical applications include replacement of CNC-machined, cast, stamped/welded metallic components and cost-effective alternatives to traditional continuous fiber composite components.

Additional information can be found on our Xycomp® and structural components pages.

Design and Application Engineering

Project teams at Greene Tweed work in close collaboration with our customers to develop highly engineered thermoplastic and composite components that meet performance requirements while providing exceptional value.

Greene Tweed has developed highly specialized product/process simulation and analysis capabilities for use with thermoplastic and composite materials, including tooling thermal analysis and molding flow simulation with fiber orientation prediction. B-basis material allowables data are available for use with Greene Tweed’s proprietary predictive finite element analysis model for discontinuous fiber reinforced materials, providing accurate simulations of the entire molding process and associated product performance.

Visit our Design and Application Engineering and Innovation pages to learn more about Greene Tweed’s design and development capabilities.

Product Development

Greene Tweed’s product development capabilities for thermoplastic and composite components range from polymer development to unique new manufacturing process methods. Our Advanced Technology Group is an industry leader in polymer compound and composite material development for current and future markets.

Greene Tweed continues to invest in new equipment and process technology development to provide customer value through cost-effective product solutions. We also have established in-house thermoplastic and composite product test capabilities, including mechanical, physical, environmental, electrical, and wear testing of materials and molded parts.

Visit our Innovation page to learn more about Greene Tweed’s capabilities.


Greene Tweed has invested significantly in Aerospace-capable manufacturing for thermoplastics and composites, to develop and maintain high standards of capability, quality, and on-time delivery. Our capabilities include injection and compression molding across multiple manufacturing locations.


Greene Tweed is qualified to the highest industry and OEM standards for Aerospace and Defense, with an exceptional quality rating. Our calibration and mold equipment maintenance processes ensure consistent production results. Our accredited in-house testing processes include a full suite of dimensional, mechanical, and non-destructive requirements to meet our customers’ quality specifications.