Elastomeric Seals:
Our FKM and FFKM seals are designed to handle a variety of operating conditions. Service temperature ranges from -40°F to 600°F (-40°C to 315°C), and broad chemical resistance keeps them performing in highly corrosive media. Specialty compounds have also been developed to combat RGD, receiving top ratings under ISO 23936-2. As O-rings or in assemblies, our elastomers deliver high performance and long life in every industry.

Engineering Thermoplastics:
Engineering thermoplastics provide lightweight strength with broad chemical resistance. A wide operating temperature range makes them particularly suited for HPHT drilling, and they afford a high degree of design flexibility when molding. Whether as backup rings, in mechanical seals, or in electrical connectors, this versatile material imparts long life and reliable performance across markets.

Thermoplastic Composites:
Combining a polymer matrix with a fiber filler, thermoplastic composites achieve better performance than either element could provide on its own. A lightweight but durable material, they have excellent impact and fatigue resistance for long life in punishing conditions. On aircraft, thermoplastic composites are an efficient and eco-friendly replacement for metal and thermoset components. And due to excellent abrasion resistance, they make ideal wear parts in the petrochemical industry.

Integrated Solutions:
Integrated solutions leverage coating, bonding, and encapsulation to combine disparate materials in a single component. Ideal for customization, this toolbox of capabilities produces solutions that maximize the qualities of their constituent materials. The result is boosted production, longer component life, and lower cost of operations through decreased maintenance – benefits which are realized in every industry.