Testing Lab

Greene Tweed’s materials testing and product testing labs are ISO 17025 accredited with world-class testing capabilities. We test our raw material production batches in accordance with strict compliance standards to ensure mechanical and other properties. Our labs also play an integral role in our R&D process for compounding new materials and designing new products. We routinely test our materials to 37 internationally recognized test methods. We have test equipment for materials characterization, processing properties, accelerated fluid aging, corrosion, rapid gas decompression (RGD), static pressure testing up to 42,000 psi and 600°F (315°C), vibration and shock testing up to 300g, and more.

Additional test equipment includes:

  • Landing gear test rig – full-scale landing gear test equipment for seals and bearings
  • Plasma lab – parts testing using four semiconductor process gases
  • Pump wear test rig – simulates pump operation and tests wear material performance

We can perform custom-designed tests upon customer request and use independent third-party labs for certification tests and capabilities as needed.