Plasma-Resistant FFKM Down to -40°C

Chemraz® 663, a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), is engineered to withstand low-temperature Etch and Deposition applications where plasma resistance and the ability to maintain sealing force in a vacuum are critical, such as electrostatic chuck assemblies.

Recommended Process Applications

  • Deposition
  • Conductor Etch
  • Dielectric Etch


  • Electrostatic chuck (ESC)
  • Low-temperature, vacuum environments

Note: Due to the nature of the material, slight variations in this color may exist in Chemraz® 663. Darker or lighter areas may also be present on the parts. These natural variations should be considered cosmetic, and will not affect the performance of the parts.

Chemraz® 663 Properties

Provides enhanced plasma resistance in low-temperature Etch and Deposition environments