From seals to structural components to wear parts, Greene Tweed products offer durable and reliable solutions that optimize performance in a variety of industrial applications. Around the globe, leading OEMs trust Greene Tweed’s expertise and innovation to improve safety issues, whether in the field or within the factory.

Our deep knowledge of design and materials enables us to engineer sealing solutions that address a variety of operating conditions, including chemical compatibility, temperature, pressure differentials, and wear. Our Arlon® and Xycomp® product lines provide excellent lightweighting solutions for structural components, while our WR® and AR® thermoplastic components increase efficiency and lifetime for rotating equipment.

Greene Tweed collaborates with our customers to ensure that our solutions promote safety while also minimizing environmental impacts, such as emissions and unplanned downtime. When it comes to the roughest operating conditions, Greene Tweed’s products provide exemplary performance and safety.

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Industrial Solutions & Applications


Heavy Equipment

Enercap Seal

Enercap Seal

ACT Ring

ACT Ring

Greene Tweed has engineered robust sealing solutions for off-road equipment in the agricultural, construction, and forestry industries for many years. Our seals prevent leakage, decrease emissions, and avoid contamination of internal processes. Our seals catalog includes G-T® rings, Metal Spring Energized (MSE®) seals, seal stacks, capped seals, and labyrinth seals – and we can develop other seal designs for niche applications. Our engineers carefully factor a variety of operating conditions and advise upon materials selection from our best-in-class portfolio of elastomers and thermoplastics.

Chemical Handling

When it comes to aggressive solvents, Greene Tweed’s portfolio of Chemraz® perfluoroelastomers and Arlon® PEEK thermoplastics offer nearly complete protection against chemical attack that can be a mode of premature failure. With a robust materials portfolio and extensive design experience with harsh environments, extreme low and high temperatures, and chemical compatibility, Greene Tweed engineers can advise you on the solution that best optimizes performance and reduces the risk of premature failure.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Greene Tweed supplies the entire suite of sealing solutions required to operate hydraulic cylinders safely and without the fear of leakage or contamination that can lead to premature equipment failure. We carefully evaluate all relevant operating conditions and engineer our seals to maximize reliability and increase productive operating time.