Future Applications

Robotics is the common bond to industries when addressing megatrends.

With more than 150 years of proven capability as a solution provider and innovator, Greene Tweed is well positioned to help our customers adapt to megatrends and partner with them to develop next-generation solutions that will address their future business needs.


Greene Tweed continues to leverage its strong portfolio of products and R&D capabilities to solve challenges, capture opportunities, and address the unmet needs created by megatrends. Robotics is an area where Greene Tweed is currently collaborating with customers to address these megatrends and deliver value in the future.

Our sustainable materials and products meet today’s business needs and will meet industry’s demand for innovative solutions to the following robotics microtrends:

Greene Tweed Solutions – Today and Tomorrow
Greene Tweed has developed sustainable materials and products that meet today’s business needs and tomorrow’s demand for innovative solutions to the following robotics micro trends:

Intelligent Components
Robots are using advanced sensors to comprehend and navigate their environments and perform accordingly. Critical applications such as security and defense require sensors with superior reliability, while robotic smart grippers enable careful grasping and object movement. Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® solutions ensure secure power and data communication through connectors and other electrical components.

Wearable Robotics
As the population ages, wearable technologies can be used either as temporary rehabilitation or permanent augmentation. Exoskeletons augment warfighter capability by providing increased strength and endurance, light weight and comfort, and reduced body stress. Greene Tweed offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance thermoplastic composite solutions for superior metal replacement capabilities.

Improved Navigation in Challenging Environments
A current robotics trend is increasing autonomous mobility, especially in applications where human safety is at risk. Robots must navigate rough terrain in harsh environments (e.g., fluids, sand, dirt) without deterioration. Greene Tweed’s sealing solutions provide the highest ingress protection even in the most harsh chemical and high-temperature environments.

Better Power Sources
To ensure autonomy, robots are operated by batteries with limited capacity. Reducing the weight of critical moving components can help improve agility and increase battery life.

Greene Tweed’s high-performance thermoplastic composites provide outstanding metal replacement capabilities.

New Materials
While robots continue to be tasked to provide outstanding performance in varying and often times unknown environments, adaptability is key, requiring multifunctional material systems and novel fabrication techniques. With industry and material experience over a range of technologies, Greene Tweed works collaboratively with its customers to develop solutions that deliver lasting benefits for next-generation technologies.