Did you know that over 90% of the world’s aircraft use Greene, Tweed components?

From trusted thermoplastic sealing solutions for landing gear, flight control and fuel systems to innovative thermoplastic composites for structural interior and exterior components, Greene, Tweed provides custom-engineered solutions for the most challenging aerospace environments. Our award- winning materials have been recognized by both customers and industry experts for their exceptional physical properties, including chemical and thermal resistance and FST performance, as well as their ability to form complex shapes, improve aircraft efficiency and reduce part counts.



In the HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) environments of oil exploration and production, equipment failure is HC/HD (high-cost / high-danger).

With deep industry and material expertise, Greene, Tweed offers the most effective solutions on the market to minimize costly and dangerous downtime. Our specialized oilfield sealing components maintain superior performance levels in pressures up to 30,000 psi and temperatures ranging from subzero to extreme heat. And our innovative electrical connectors deliver reliable data collection to maintain a consistent flow of oil and information.



Petrochemical processing and power generation are essential to our global economy.

And Greene, Tweed solutions keep these industries running efficiently – combining energy savings and enhanced reliability for optimal performance. From dramatic enhancements to efficiency and reliability, as well as simplified installation and part-count reductions, our innovative solutions maximize your production capabilities. And with in-house design, manufacturing, tooling and finishing, we deliver superior components with material properties, such as exceptional wear and chemical resistance, and non-galling and non-seizing properties.



OEMs and flat panel display manufacturers trust Greene, Tweed to provide reliable and effective solutions for their most critical applications.

From industry-leading Chemraz® seals to leading-edge OpTegra® integrated materials, our dedication to innovation and quality is enabling the next generation of the world’s technological advances. And as focus turns to renewable energy sources, Greene, Tweed continues to deliver the most innovative capabilities on the market to support the rapidly expanding solar industry.