Greene, Tweed entered the aerospace industry over 50 years ago with sealing systems for landing gear. Today, our aerospace seals and thermoplastic composites remain the gold standard, and have continued to evolve with new innovations such as our award-winning Xycomp® DLF® thermoplastic composite.

With design, testing and manufacturing expertise around the world, Greene, Tweed provides engineering thermoplastics, sealing systems and thermoplastic composite solutions for the most critical aerospace applications.

Aerospace Seals
and Thermoplastic Composites

Engineering Thermoplastics
Greene, Tweed’s engineering thermoplastics extend service life in sealing systems, enhance performance, and prevent galling without lubrication.

Sealing Systems
Greene, Tweed’s industry-leading aerospace seals and sealing systems provide exceptional resistance to temperatures, chemicals and pressures in the most critical aerospace environments.

Thermoplastic Composites
Greene, Tweed’s family of high-performance aerospace thermoplastic composite solutions, Xycomp®, is an exceptional, ultra-lightweight replacement for metal in both aircraft interior and aerostructures applications.


Greene, Tweed offers aerospace sealing solutions for the full spectrum of applications in the industry, including: