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Ese Seal (Elastomeric Spring Energized)

Superior Performance in Tandem Systems


Generally used as a primary rod seal in dynamic tandem systems, Greene, Tweed’s new ESE design is available for use in either one or two back-up gland widths. The ESE provides superior performance in tandem seal applications. Its unidirectional, “self-venting” design is complemented with a high modulus back-up ring that is installable into “closed-groove” configurations for most sizes (unlike that of many standard, metal-spring-energized [MSE®] types). Along with the “self-venting” capability, the ESE design offers low operating friction along a wide operational temperature range.

The seal assembly itself consists of an extremely durable, PTFE jacket with an elastomeric energizer and high modulus back-up ring. In order to help optimize seal life, Greene, Tweed recommends the use of our high-performance Avalon® PTFE materials. The combination of a thermoplastic Avalon jacket with one of our specially formulated, elastomeric O-ring energizers delivers enhanced performance over a wide temperature range. Generally this range extends from -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C) depending on materials selected. Greene, Tweed’s ESE also features a high strength back-up ring to provide additional stability in the gland and help prevent any possibility of extrusion.

Features & Benefits

  • Specialized, unidirectional, “self-venting” design
  • Resilient Avalon jacket coupled with a durable elastomeric energizer plus anti-extrusion back-up ring for enhanced performance over a wide temperature range
  • Installable into most existing AS4716 configurations for ease of maintenance


The part numbering system requires the use of the material designator tables found in the next column. For nonstandard designs contact GT engineering.


Contact your local Greene, Tweed representative for specific recommendations to suit higher performance requirements.



  • Primary and secondary flight control actuators (rudder, aileron, stabilizer, flaps, etc.)
  • Tandem, “closed-groove” rod configurations
  • Utility actuators




Working as either a primary seal or as a secondary seal to a primary PTFE-type seal, the Enerlip seal provides low breakaway friction, reduced leakage and ease of installation. The Enerlip seal consists of a shaped elastomeric energizer with a mating PTFE-type heel bearing. The Enerlip HP has an additional anti-extrusion ring.


The Enerlip is available for both rod and piston sealing: one backup gland width for Enerlip, two back-up gland widths for Enerlip HP. It can be installed as the primary seal or as the secondary seal to a primary PTFE-type seal such as the Greene, Tweed’s cappe ACGTL™ ring or the Ener-Cap® HP in dual sealing (vented or unvented) systems.