Thermoplastic Composites

Xycomp® high-performance thermoplastic composites are an exceptional metal replacement for both aircraft interior and aerostructures applications. Up to 60% lighter than traditional metals, Xycomp components provide a lifetime of reduced emissions and lowered fuel consumption. And molded-in integration of gussets, bosses, ribs and other features reduces part count over metal assemblies.

Excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance ensures long life and reliable performance. They also meet both FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) standards and the 15-minute burn-through requirement. Leading the way in eco-innovation™, Xycomp components utilize a manufacturing process with almost zero waste and are completely recyclable at the end of their service life.

ProFusion® automated compression molding process technology has been developed for efficient and repeatable Xycomp component production. Specialized DiFusion® and HyFusion® tooling and process methods enable unique types of complex geometry and molded-in features that are impractical (if not impossible) with conventional composites processing.