Greene Tweed’s legacy of designing sealing systems for the defense industry began more than 50 years ago, when its AGT® rings were specified on the SAF F-4 Phantom program.

Today, the company’s elastomers, engineered thermoplastics, and thermoplastic composites are deployed in a wide range of defense applications, including artillery and armored vehicles.


Sealing Systems

Defense equipment requires rugged solutions that can handle heavy loads and withstand damaging environments. Greene Tweed’s sealing systems are engineered to maintain integrity at extreme high and low temperatures under demanding and dynamic conditions.
Greene Tweed combines a comprehensive range of proven sealing materials, including Chemraz®, the company’s industry-leading FFKM, as well as FKM, EPDM, HNBR, and more with custom seal designs to enable optimization for any application. Rigorous in-house testing and certification ensures Greene Tweed sealing solutions meet or surpass industry standards.

Thermoplastics and Composites

Advanced Engineering Thermoplastics

Greene Tweed’s engineering thermoplastics extend service life in sealing systems and structural components while enhancing performance.

Arlon® and Avalon® advanced engineered thermoplastics (AET) feature low wear, thermal stability, and high impact and chemical resistance. Whether as back-up rings, primary sealing elements, or in electrical connectors, they provide design flexibility and a superior strength-to-weight ratio in demanding defense environments.

Injection-molded AET components produced from Arlon® PEEK are used for numerous metal replacement applications, providing weight reduction, parts-consolidation, high-temperature performance, and elimination of corrosion issues in harsh environments.

Thermoplastic Bearings

Greene Tweed’s thermoplastic materials provide high load bearing capacities, low friction, and excellent contaminant and chemical resistance.

Thermoplastic Composites

Greene Tweed’s thermoplastic composites are a lightweight, high-performance alternative to metal parts, components, and assemblies. Our highly engineered reinforced thermoplastic formulations are capable of achieving higher strength-to-weight ratios than other lightweight alloys. Our product design, analysis, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities provide a complete service to create molded composite component solutions for challenging applications.

Xycomp® DLF®, a thermoplastic composite designed to replace complex-shaped metal components, is 60 percent lighter than traditional metals, and reduces emissions and fuel burn while providing corrosion, fatigue, and impact resistance equal to or better than metal.

Combining a PEEK polymer matrix with a high percentage of carbon fiber reinforcement, Xycomp® DLF® thermoplastic composites achieve better performance than either element could provide on its own. Greene Tweed’s thermoplastic composites also have excellent impact and fatigue resistance, providing a long life in punishing conditions.

Electrical Connectors

Greene Tweed offers an extensive range of standard and custom interconnect solutions engineered to ensure the highest possible performance in conditions such as extreme temperature, shock, and heavy vibration.

Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® electrical connectors maintain signal integrity in high-pressure, high-temperature environments. While traditional glass-to-metal connectors are prone to breakage, Seal-Connect® connectors use Arlon® engineering thermoplastic to protect electronics and minimize thermal expansion.

Greene Tweed’s in-house engineering enables the design, testing, and development of single- and multi-pin configurations. Our patented Arlon® 30000 XT expands the performance of Seal-Connect® connectors to 500°F (260°C) for extreme temperatures.