Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Greene Tweed provides precision-molded thermoplastic composite components made from our high-performance Orthtek® material for a variety of demanding medical and biotechnology applications. Orthtek®’s high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability for steam or autoclave sterilization make it a high-performance metal replacement. Orthtek® is also radiolucent for X-ray transparency.

Depending on the application, Greene Tweed also has elastomers with the capability to be overmolded on metal and thermoplastic composites for custom medical devices.

Orthtek® composites have a PEEK polymer matrix with high carbon fiber reinforcement content (50% fiber volume), and are available in different material forms, as shown:

Orthtek® BF

  • Braided fabric; braided into near-net molded shapes with oriented reinforcement fiber

Orthtek® RP

  • Discontinuous (random) fiber reinforcement for complex shapes

Orthtek® WF

  • Woven fabric reinforcement
  • Also available as stock shape plates up to 1.5 inches thick
Orthtek® RP & BF Orthtek® WF
Color Black Black
Typical geometries Stock shapes Specialty shapes
Nail guides
Plate guides
Retractors, surgical instruments
External fixation
Near-net molded shapes
Plates -


Greene Tweed also has a wide variety of injection-molded PEEK products, including Arlon®, our high-performance thermoplastic designed for demanding medical and biotechnology applications, and provides benefits superior to metal:

  • Lightweight and radiolucent
  • Withstands steam sterilization and autoclaving
  • Wear and corrosion resistant, highly flexible


  • HPLC – guard and preparation columns
  • Solenoid valves – bodies and seats
  • Medical orthopedic – surgical instrumentation and retractors
  • Medical trauma – external fixation components