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Vee Rings & Custom Designed Vee Stacks


Greene, Tweed has extensive experience in designing and manu-facturing Vee rings and seal stacks incorporating elastomeric and/or thermoplastic end and central adapters.


Vee Ring applications require specially developed elastomer and thermoplastic compounds. Below are some compounds and their features.


Thermoplastics utilized include:

  • Arlon®—Greene, Tweed developed various proprietary grades of PEEK that give strength/high temperature/resistance to erosion/high pressure capability and excellent chemical compatibility
  • Avalon®—Greene, Tweed has developed several chemically and physically superior proprietary grades of PTFE for the oilfield industry.

When used in open glands, Greene, Tweed designers can accurately control the FSH (free stack height) and CSH (confined stack height) ensuring optimum performance.



Service-proven designs combine elastomer and thermoplastic adapters.

  • Vee seal stacks can be supplied as a complete assembly incorp-orating thermoplastic end and central adapters.
  • Thermoplastic adapters are noncorrosive and nongalling at tighter tolerances and designed to act as bearing and debris barriers.

The staging effect of elastomeric and thermoplastic sealing elements gives sealing integrity across a broad range of service conditions.