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High-Performance Thermoplastic Composites

Innovative Solutions for Optimizing Critical Applications


Always on the forefront of technology, we at Greene, Tweed work with our customers to provide reliable, efficient answers to their application needs. As a world-class leader in high-performance materials and customized engineered components, we leverage our expertise in a variety of markets to give our customers the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to their performance challenges.

At Greene, Tweed we listen to what our customers have to say. Our natural progression into the thermoplastic composite arena follows on the success of our Arlon® range of thermoplastic materials. This evolution of our industry-proven plastics capabilities leverages our engineering expertise and design skills to the advantage of Greene, Tweed’s customers. With our in-house design and manufacturing processes, Greene, Tweed helps customers enhance the performance of their products and capture new business. Our high-performance composite materials—Xycomp® and WR®—guarantee the benefits of Greene Tweed’s global technical, sales and manufacturing presence.


Greene, Tweed’s worldwide support and technical service bring extensive experience to international markets and customers. The global reach of Greene, Tweed provides our customers with the advantages and resources of a world-class organization. Our customers benefit from the skill and knowledge of highly trained local experts. With fully qualified engineering personnel in our offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, Greene, Tweed delivers innovative solutions to individual customer challenges—helping our customers achieve their goals.


Expanding on our years of sealing and plastic expertise, Greene Tweed’s polymer composite technology products are much lighter than traditional metals, with material properties that set us apart from the competition. Our lightweight solutions combine the high strength of a metal with the corrosion resistance of a plastic. Our highly engineered solutions provide exceptional fatigue performance while still delivering cost-effective components.

Thermoplastic vs. Thermoset
Greene, Tweed’s advanced composites rely on thermoplastic resins for their matrix, giving our components a wider range of benefits than conventional thermoset resin systems. Benefits include improved chemical resistance, increased impact, toughness and ductility, more complex single-mold components, excellent postmolding
machinability, recyclable properties and infinite shelf life.

Composite Components
Our composite materials consist of long or continuous fibers—increasing the tensile and flexural properties of the composite as stress is transferred along the fibers through the matrix. Supplied using woven fabric, unidirectional tape or yarn, our continuous fiber is used for compression molding of basic and more complex plates for mold-contoured shapes.

Greene, Tweed’s WR® series of composites, constructed into high performance,
extremely reliable wear components, is replacing metal in demanding applications. Our WR525 composite consists of a continuous carbon fiber combined with an advanced thermoplastic matrix. Our WR300 is compression-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic. Their outstanding wear and friction properties, high-chemical resistance plus nongalling and nonseizing properties make them ideal for wear rings, bushings and bearings.

Greene, Tweed’s Xycomp engineered components offer a variety of benefits over traditional metallic materials. Xycomp is lightweight and corrosion resistant while providing the ability to tailor its thermal expansion characteristics. With specific strength and stiffness values over 400 percent that of Titanium combined with superior chemical compatibility and fire resistance properties, Greene, Tweed’s Xycomp composites deliver greater value. Xycomp is well suited for a variety of critical applications, from bracketry to missile wings and fins.

Through the use of thermoplastic resin systems, Greene, Tweed can match our composite materials to the corrosion resistance required of each customer application. By applying our materials’ expertise, our composite design provides optimum wear resistance. Our materials do not suffer the same galling or damage as a system dependent on metal bearings and offer greater benefits over traditional plastic bearings. This affords Greene, Tweed’s materials unbeatable performance in highly loaded bearing systems within high-temperature, corrosive environments.



Our engineering design skills allow us to optimize the directional properties, including thermal expansion and manufacturing of our composite materials, to produce the required strength and stability of the finished component. Greene, Tweed thermoplastic composites provide many performance advantages over plastic and metal components. With a potential 80 percent savings in weight over steel and 44 percent savings over aluminum, composites are the clear choice over traditional metals.

Additionally, Greene, Tweed’s worldwide reach enables us to not only work with carbon and glass fiber systems but gives us access to more exotic fiber and resin systems as required by customers’ applications.


Our customers demand prompt reliable service, and we have the resources in both molding and machining to meet customers’ demands. With our compression, isostatic, injection and composite molding techniques in house, our customers know they are getting the best design for their applications. Our worldwide machining capabilities, including laser, CNC machining and abrasive waterjet equipment, ensure that our customers are receiving fast, cost efficient and accurately machined components.

Production Capabilities
Greene, Tweed’s in-house engineering services, such as 3D modeling, and our FEA knowledge, guarantee our customers a precise and accurate fit of all components and hardware, with the performance to match.

Greene, Tweed offers an in-house global CAD system with various levels of composite FEA capability to transfer the design or production of composites to any of our worldwide sites. We have several production ProFusion® molding cells, as well as fiber placement and our proprietary Techna3™ molding capabilities. This technical capacity combined with our solid supply chain enables us to provide customers with a variety of production-process alternatives. At Greene, Tweed we test and verify our products and processes to meet and exceed both our customers’ and our own standards and expectations. We are at the leading edge of nondestructive testing for composites, with development of our Xyscan™ inspection capability to validate the integrity of our complex-shaped composite components. Because we are ISO 9001 certified, Greene, Tweed is an approved supplier for each of our market areas.