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The Advantage


Today’s challenging drilling environment has put extreme focus on reliable equipment for ever-increasing operating parameters. This focus is passed on by equipment manufacturers to suppliers of critical components. One key element in most systems is reli-able communication of power and data through connectors and other electrical components.

Historically, high-temperature/high-pressure connectors were specified from one genre: the glass, ceramic and metal composite. A variety of factors now allows equipment manufacturers to take a fresh look at connector requirements and consider the advantage offered by the Seal-Connect® product line solutions for subsea and downhole connection.


The Seal-Connect solution consists of an Arlon® body to minimize thermal expansion, provide chemical resistance, and to promote effective sealing. Designs may include corrosion resistant support washer and specialized internal components to maintain geometric integrity at higher pressure and temperature. The resulting connector has good shock and electrical insulation resistance. Extensive QA and validation systems ensure the resultant design meets customer system needs for downhole tools.


The most obvious advantage of overmolding a conductive pin with a high-quality thermoplastic is complete isolation of the conductor. Further specification of thermoplastic materials with good elongation and mechanical strength eliminates the possibility of leakage to ground. The various grades of Arlon can be molded over many pin materials and subsequently machined to precise tolerances. This produces a finished connector that is void free with good mechanical strength and consistent properties throughout its operating temperature range.