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Electrical Characteristics


Arlon® is a consistently dependable insulation material. Precision-machined connector bodies, induction coil spools, coaxial assemblies, chassis and single-pin connectors are but a few of the historical uses of this material.

Each single-pin connector assembly is carefully inspected to ensure electrical integrity. Insulation measurements consistently indicate 500 Giga-ohms of isolation @ 500 VDC and ambient temperature. In the single-pin connector design we see the benefit of a material with good strength and elongation as temperature increases. The low coefficient of thermal expansion not withstanding, Arlon connector bodies will expand at a slightly greater rate than most of the metal conductors. However, no gaps between the pin and body are formed throughout the operating temperature range. Therefore, while temperature rise affects the insulation resistance of nearly all materials, the Arlon single-pin connectors exhibit 10,000 mOhms minimum at 2500 volts DC and temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C).

Mating pairs of pins and sockets are also checked for contact resistance. Although materials and plating selection greatly influence this parameter, no designs to date have shown more than 10 mOhms increase when mated. Connector and harness assemblies are also checked during prototyping to proof the design and manufacturing techniques.

Further material properties allow specification of Arlon thermo-plastic in a wide variety of components besides single-pin connectors. A consistent dielectric constant, low dissipation factor and excellent dielectric strength have proved indispensable in coaxial, triaxial and high-frequency applications.