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Electrical Component Solutions


Greene, Tweed’s custom-designed electrical components have been developed specifically for use in severe environments like those found downhole. The unique designs utilize Greene, Tweed’s proprietary Arlon® grades of virgin or glass-reinforced thermoplastic. This thermoplastic is an extremely hard-working insulator with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Bonding these thermoplastics to a variety of metals produces a hermetic seal that is maintained throughout the operating temperature range. This ensures no “arcing,” a common problem associated with conventional glass to metal-sealed electrical components.

Greene, Tweed works with customers to evaluate current electrical components in terms of effectiveness and recommends design alternatives. Greene, Tweed offers the ability to turn around new product developments very rapidly from prototype to production, working closely with customers’ design engineers and procurement specialists.

Given the increasing sophistication of measurement/logging while drilling sensing devices, it is critical that electrical signals are uninterrupted and free from noise. Because these tools are often extremely expensive, reliability is paramount in terms of cost of ownership.

Contact Greene, Tweed for a full overview of custom, single and multi-pin electrical components, cable and harness assemblies, and other electrical components.



  • MWD (measurement while drilling)
  • LWD (logging while drilling)
  • Wireline
  • Feedthrough connectors
  • Capacitance sensors
  • Weight on bit sensors
  • Geosteering devices
  • Resistivity tools
  • Flow sensors
  • Water hold up tools
  • Bore hole pressure sensors
  • Gamma ray sensors
  • Formation evaluation tools