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Electrical Connectors


Greene, Tweed has developed a wide range of solutions for consistent and reliable electrical connection in downhole and subsea environments.

Single Pin and Coaxial
Single Pin and Coaxial designs are manufactured from Arlon® 2000 and beryllium copper, unless otherwise specified. Designs can be made to customer specifications or can be purchased from stock per the relevant Greene, Tweed print.

The Seal-Connect® connectors are injected-molded and machined multi-pin connector. Multi-pin connectors minimize deformation and creep, withstanding continuous extreme conditions up to 30,000 psi and 450°F (232°C). The advanced Seal-Connect technology also enables tighter pin destiny than traditional glass to metal technology.

Seal-Connect multi-pin connectors are available in standard configurations and custom designs.

Both male and female rotatable connectors are available with temperature capability to 450ºF (232ºC). Standard products are available (10, 8, 7 and 4 contact rotatable connectors).

Connector boots are available in various styles to allow interchangeability with existing connector systems or the exclusive use of a Seal-Connect system. Internal details can be adjusted with minimal tooling expense and modular tooling allows short or long runs economically.

Standard products—Boot material & design

  • Boot – single-pin
  • Boot – multi-pin
  • Materials – FKM, FFKM
  • High voltage

Contact Blocks
Contact blocks are a standard option for all Seal-Connect connectors or can be custom-designed to suit your existing connector designs. Female contact blocks are available in single-pin and multi-pin configurations. Contact blocks are also available with pin number identification, removable contacts, moisture barrier seals or booted arrangements.

Custom Solutions
Greene, Tweed offers in-house design, prototyping and manufacturing services for custom solutions that will meet any downhole requirement, such as capacitance sensors, thermo-couple assemblies and battery holders. Through collaboration with customers, we develop the best solution for each unique application.