Greene, Tweed components are found at all stages of refining, chemical processing and power generation. Within Overhung, Between Bearings, Multistage and Vertical Pumps; WR® and AR® thermoplastic composites (based on PEEK material technology) enhance reliability, ensure safe performance, and reduce cost of ownership.

WR and AR abrasion-resistant pump wear rings, bearings and bushings extend service life in challenging conditions. Their non-galling, non-seizing properties enable them to withstand process upsets like dry-run, reducing downtime over traditional materials. In addition, WR and AR components run tighter clearances for improved efficiency overall. To learn more about how this is achieved in each type of pump, choose your category of interest below.

Learn more about WR® 650 here.

For information about our high performance composites please download our WR and AR overview quick reference guide here.

WR® 650 – Quick Reference Guide
WR® 525 – Quick Reference Guide
WR® 300 – Quick Reference Guide
AR®HT – Quick Reference Guide
AR®1 – Quick Reference Guide

WR Machining Guidelines

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