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WR®575 Thrust Pads

High-performance Composite Design


Greene, Tweed’s WR®575 thrust pads are wear components used in hydrodynamic bearings for high speed machinery such as pumps, compressors and turbines. Their primary task is to take the axial bearing load and counterbalance the force applied on the shaft.

Made of WR575, a carbon-fiber thermoplastic composite material, and primarily designed as tilting thrust pads, they show excellent stiffness leading to high stability in machines with high speed rotors. WR575 thrust pads are the optimum solution for high speed and high load applications.

The WR575 material permits operating temperatures up to 480°F
(250°C). Because the versatile material is not limited by high temper-atures, WR575 is the material of choice for thrust pad applications.

WR575 pads are an ideal replacement for metal, carbon, ceramic and bronze pads.


  • Increased reliability and performance
    – High corrosion and chemical resistance—Performs well in water eliminating corrosion caused by galling/seizing or conductivity of metallic pads. Also resists aggressive chemicals and eliminates swell due to chemical attack. As a result, WR575 offers higher dimensional stability and better mechanical properties.
    – High-temperature capability—Permits higher operating temperatures compared to white metal bearings (up to 480°F/250°C), thus avoiding pad thermal defection created by heat generated in the oil film.
  • Enhanced stability
    – Excellent shock and impact resistance—Composite pads will not crack or wear in fine powder like carbon or ceramic pads when subject to high shocks or impacts, thus improving resistance to mechanical shocks and avoiding system contam-ination by particles.
    – High load capability—Supports larger axial loads than traditional pads (e.g., rubber, babbitt and carbon). Load capacity can be increased without requiring larger pads, or smaller pads can be used to support the same load, resulting in more cost-effective applications. WR575 higher load capability will also avoid fatigue problems faced by white metal and the possibility of cracking.
    – Improved wear resistance—Excessive loads, galling/seizing or poor material chemical resistance can generate operating conditions that will dramatically increase wear of traditional pads. Composite pads offer superior wear resistance that avoids generation of small particles and system contamination.
  • Simplified machinery
    – Oil lubrication system unnecessary—WR575 thrust pads use the application’s existing media to lubricate the pumps, so oil lubrication systems are unnecessary, saving cost and simplifying pump design.
    – Optimized design—Traditional design featured white metal bonded to metal substrate, a two-component design. WR575 is a one-component solution, eliminating the possibility of failure in the bonded area.


  • Refining, chemical and power applications
  • Axial bearings in oil and medium lubricated applications in
    – Pumps (vertical submersible motor pumps, vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps)
    – Compressors
    – Steam and gas turbines
    – Generators


  • Available up to 22 in. x 28 in. x 1.25 in. (559 mm x 711 mm x 32 mm) thick plates.
  • Shapes—Ability to offer custom shape finished parts. Thrust ring designs also available.

WR575 Thrust Pads

WR575 Thrust Pads