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WR®525: High Temperature Wear Material


WR®525 is a thermoplastic composite consisting of carbon fiber in a PEEK matrix. Because of its unique thermal expansion properties, WR525 is ideal for use as impeller wear rings, bushings and case wear rings.

WR525 allows the pump user to increase pump efficiency by running tighter wear ring clearances, while decreasing potential pump damage when pumps are cavitated or experience down-line bearing failures. WR525 is API 610 approved for stationary and rotating wear applications.


  • WR is lighter weight than steel, so less energy is required to run the pump
  • Excellent chemical resistance leads to decreased media-related degradation and extended MTBF (mean time between failure) causing decreased maintenance and replacement costs
  • Superior nongalling and nonseizing properties means no damage to mating components during upset conditions and lower replacement costs
  • Good impact resistance allows for easier installation and machining
  • Low coefficient of friction leads to longer MTBF and allows for short-term dry running
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance for extended MTBF results in decreased maintenance and replacement costs due to extreme temperature-related degradation


  • Diameter—up to 60 inches (1524 mm) OD 
  • Length—up to 414 inches (10.5 m)
  • For special diameter and length requests contact PetroChem & Power engineering.