WR® and AR® thermoplastic composite wear rings and throat bushings improve reliability, enhance safety and boost efficiency in Overhung Pumps. Reduction in clearances over traditional materials improves impeller stability, decreasing shaft deflection and vibration. In turn, less shaft deflection at the seal face extends mechanical seal life. Tighter clearances also reduce recirculation, lowering NPSHR (Net Positive Suction Head Required) and chances of cavitation while improving pump efficiency overall.

In addition to clearance-related benefits, the non-galling, non-seizing properties of WR and AR wear parts improves reliability at start-up. Less risk of seizure and catastrophic failure enhances safety, and thermoplastic composites will not spark or cause collateral damage during process upsets. To accommodate the diversity of process requirements in overhung pumps, material grades have been developed for a range of temperatures, pressures, and media.

For information about our high performance composites please download our WR and AR quick reference guide here.

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For Sealless Pumps – The Xycomp® thermoplastic composite containment shell eliminates eddy-current loss in sealless magnetic drive pumps up to 250 kW. It maintains sealing integrity at higher pressures (40 bar) and temperatures (120°C, 250°F) than past non-metallic shells could attain. And with exceptional chemical and impact resistance, it expands the application of sealless pumps to include challenging processes such as caustics handling and refrigeration. Manufactured using Techna3™, a proprietary molding process, the Xycomp containment shell is an ideal replacement for materials such as 316SS and Hastelloy®.

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