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Bearing and Holder Assembly

High-Performance Composites—Xycomp® and AR®1


Greene, Tweed’s Xycomp® 9625 bearing holder and AR®1 bearing provides a turn-key solution for vertical pumps operating in sea water applications. Traditionally, sea water vertical pump manu-facturers have used bearing holders manufactured from exotic steels. This bearing holder is a composite constructed of fine weave fabric impregnated with special thermosetting resins. The assembly’s physical and mechanical properties make it an excellent choice for a large number of applications.

The Xycomp 9625 holder, when paired with our AR1 bearing, delivers a total solution—a unique assembly, finished and machined to suit the need of the customer’s application.


  • Lighter weight material
    – Provides easier installation—steel parts must be inserted with a crane because of their weight; lighter composite material eliminates the need for a crane.
    – Reduces transportation costs because part is up to six times lighter than previous design.
  • Optimized design
    – Eliminates the need for a flange because new design utilizes lightweight material. (Flange is available upon request.)
    – Facilitates design of a wide range of sizes because of the reduced weight limitations.
  • Reduced lead times—The change from exotic steels such as super duplex to the Xycomp 9625 reduces lead times for the customer and maintenance down time for end users and repair shops from four – six months to only six – eight weeks.
  • Leaner supply chain/improved process—This unique assembly simplifies ordering and administrative processes because it can be purchased fully assembled and ready to install.
  • Corrosion resistance—The holder has very low moisture absorption making it ideal for sea water applications. Because the holder does not corrode, it does not present corrosion problems often seen with steel.

For more information on AR®1 reference the AR1 datasheet available on the PetroChem & Power portion of our website.



  • Vertical pumps for sea water as well as clear water applications


Greene, Tweed installs the AR1 bearing in the bearing holder and machines the complete assembly, making them readily available with short-lead times.

The holder can be manufactured per specific customer designs with or without a flange. It can be used with a variety of glues and attached per the customer’s design guidelines.

Available Sizes (inches and mm)
Minimum inside diameter = 0.3 in. (7 mm)
Maximum outside diameter = 86.6 in. (2200 mm)