Improve Pump Reliability

Greene, Tweed components are found at all stages of refining, chemical processing and power generation. Within centrifugal pumps, we have developed WR® and AR® thermoplastic composites to enhance reliability, ensure safe performance, and reduce cost of ownership.

WR and AR abrasion-resistant wear rings, bearings and bushings extend service life in challenging conditions. Featuring non-galling, non-seizing properties, they withstand process upsets and won’t spark or cause damage to mating components. A low coefficient of friction means WR and AR parts can withstand periods of dry run. In addition, exceptional thermal shock resistance enables rapid start-up or shut down without risking failure.

For pump users, the result is improved safety and an extension of MTBF by up to 4 years*, leading to significant cost savings. To see how this has been achieved with some of our customers, view our case studies to the right.

WR and AR are approved under API (American Petroleum Institute) 610 for stationary and rotating wear applications. Greene, Tweed is a member of the API, and has actively participated in the development of equipment and material standards for the petrochemical industry.

*Actual MTBF benefit will vary by application