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Superior Protection in Demanding Environments

Enhanced reliability

Greene,Tweed’s ProTechna™ capability provides a new level of protection for critical components in extreme environments. Leveraging the proven material benefits of our thermoplastic and elastomeric materials, our encapsulation capability eliminates  direct exposure to extreme temperatures, harsh plasmas and other damaging chemicals. Utilizing the superior performance  capabilities of our high-performance Chemraz® solutions, advanced-engineered Arlon® materials, as well as a variety of other proven materials, ProTechna minimizes harmful particulation, extends operational service life and maximizes production capabilities.

As part of our extensive portfolio of OpTegra™ integrated solutions, Greene, Tweed’s ProTechna capability offers custom solutions that solve critical environmental challenges. Our engineers evaluate each customer application, providing technical expertise to select the material and design for a solution with the ultimate level of protection and performance for critical components. For many  applications, ProTechna enables multiple components to be integrated into a single-part solution. This part count reduction simplifies installation, as well as reduces inventory and maintenance costs.

Features & Benefits

  •  Enhanced protection from heat and plasma attack to extend component life
  •  Reduced particulation minimizes contamination, maximizing production yields and reducing downtime
  •  Wide selection of proven thermoplastic and elastomeric materials for expanded application potential
  •  OpTegra™ Integrated solutions reduce part counts, facilitating installation and improved MTBR (mean time between repair)
ProTechna encapsulation technology

ProTechna encapsulation technology



  •  Process doors
  • Chamber lids
  • Chamber gates


  • Elastomers
    – Silicone 415
    – Liquid Silicone 480
    – Xyfluor® 870
    – FKM 709
    – Chemraz 588
  • Thermoplastics
    – PEEK 90G
    – PEEK 150G
    – PPS
    – PFA
    – Arlon (1000, 2000, 1160 and 2400)

Note: Temperature, chemical resistance, pressures withstood, etc., will vary with each individual application’s requirements.