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Bonded Slit Valve Door

For Reduced Particulation and Ease of Installation


The Bonded Slit Valve Door or “BSV” increases the life expectancy and performance of the door’s seal during semiconductor processing. Made from Greene, Tweed’s proprietary perfluoroelastomer compound—Chemraz® (or other customer requested elastomers)—the seal is bonded to an aluminum/stainless steel door.

In the past, when O-ring replacement was the only option, cleaning the gland and installing a new O-ring was difficult. Now installation requires only removing and replacing a few bolts when replacing the complete BSV door assembly.

Also, a bonded design minimizes abrasion leading to less particula-tion in many processes compared to installation of a typical perflu-oroelastomer O-ring. Therefore, a bonded-gate design can provide up to a 10-fold increase in seal life during wafer production.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to eliminate movement in gland for improved seal integrity and less wear
  • Durable Chemraz or other fluorocarbon withstands dynamic use to increase life expectancy of slit valve doors
  • Limited particle generation for lower contamination
  • Designed to fill gland for improved seal integrity and elimination of potential leaks
  • Optimal compression set for improved seal integrity and life
  • Seal bonded to aluminum/stainless steel door to decrease replacement downtime, simplify installation and ensure proper seal orientation without twisting
  • No traditional molded parting lines for improved seal integrity