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Dovetail® Seals

A Better Fit for a Better Seal


The Dovetail® Seal was created specifically for dovetail glands where conventional seals can seriously compromise function. The unique geometry of Greene, Tweed’s Dovetail Seal precludes twisting and simplifies installation. In addition, the seal’s parting lines are buried in the dovetail gland where they are protected from plasma attack. Compared to traditional O-rings, the Dovetail Seal offers better seal integrity, reducing the potential for process contamination and allowing for more than twice the sealing force. Typically made from Greene, Tweed’s proprietary perfluoroelastomer compound—Chemraz®—Dovetail Seals ensure stability and cleanliness.


  • Unique seal geometry for dovetail glands provides fast and easy installation and greater sealing force
  • Proper fit of seal to gland to ensure proper seal orientation without twisting and eliminate potential leaks
  • Parting lines buried in gland so seal is less likely to fail due to plasma attack
  • Larger sealing surface to enhance seal integrity
  • Limited particle generation with Chemraz perfluoroelastomer to lower contamination potential


  • Slit valves
  • Door seals
  • Quartz windows
  • Load locks
  • Gas inlets