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Chemraz® 513 Extensis® Seals

Unlimited Size Flexibility


The Extensis® seal offers flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of FPD (Flat Panel Display) production. Greene, Tweed’s unique manufacturing technology assures that no matter how large FPD substrates grow in the future, the Extensis seal technology will continue to provide proven, reliable solutions.

Available as a formed rectangular seal custom designed to match the slit valve door, the Extensis seal easily supports large (Generation 5 and above) FPD slit valve door seals and is especially suited to PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) processes that employ in situ NF3 plasma cleaning. The rectangular form reduces stress caused by bending around corners, optimizing compression and fill and increasing seal integrity and service life.


  • Unique manufacturing technology enables seals of limitless length to meet specific customer requirements
  • Typical service life of 12 months for PECVD process tools reduces costs by at least 50 percent and reduces equipment down time
  • Rectangular form matched to the gland design reduces corner stress and enhances seal integrity by providing uniform sealing across the entire seal surface
  • Unique Dovetail® cross-section design optimizes performance by reducing seal roll and facilitates installation
  • Chemraz® 513 is an industry-proven, plasma-resistant compound widely used in CVD tools employing in situ NF3 plasma cleaning


  • FPD slit valve doors
  • Etch and PECVD processes
  • Generation 5 and above