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Fusion F10™: Provides Superior Cost of Ownership in Etch and Deposition Chambers

Fusion™ F10: Matching Sealing Performance to Your Application While Lowering Operating Costs

Fusion™ F10 was designed to deliver high performance at a lower cost of ownership than premium sealing technologies. Its ability to withstand temperatures up to 220ºC (428ºF), and a broad range of harsh chemicals, while reducing cost of ownership compared with premium sealing materials, make Fusion™ F10 an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.

Recommended Process Applications

  • Deposition: CVD, PECVD, HDPCVD, SACVD
  • Plasma etching: Conductor, dielectric, metal


  • Endpoint windows
  • Isolator valve seals
  • Chamber seals
  • Valve seals
  • Fitting seals

Compound No./Material Name: Fusion™ F10
Material Description: Tan fluoroelastomer
Manufacturing Method: Compression molded

* Unless otherwise noted, all tests performed on ASTM standard samples; test results from AS 568A size 214 o-rings.

Color variations and dark spots that might be observed in Fusion™ parts are considered cosmetic and an inherent result of the polymer curing process. They are not foreign matter and not anticipated to adversely affect the performance of the part in service. Please contact a Greene Tweed applications engineer for additional information.