Elastomer Center of Excellence


Seeking progress and advancing the next generation of technology is what Greene, Tweed is all about. The launch of our Elastomer Center of Excellence is our latest endeavor to service our semiconductor customers in new and innovative ways that bring solutions to market faster.

Located at our Advanced Technology Group Headquarters in Kulpsville, PA the Center is dedicated to the advancement of new elastomer compounds and offers complete integration of our processes – from initial raw material mixing and development to prototype product packaging.

The Center’s capabilities bring speed, efficiency and agility that accelerates the pace of new semiconductor compound development for our customers:

  • 2,200 Square Foot Cleanroom – our all-inclusive cleanroom environment delivers the highest quality products with industry standard contamination controls. For our semi customers, we can develop the industry’s most advanced perfluoroelastomers that meet stringent requirements for quality and cleanliness
  • Process Systems – the Center’s process systems feature some of the highest industry standards for lab and include Mixing Mill/Internal Mixer, Extruder, Press Systems, Post-Cure Ovens, Inspection System and Cleaning & Packaging area
  • Additional Capabilities – application-specific exposure experiments with Plasma Etch Systems and UV/Ozone Systems; instrumentation capability for composition/morphology and material properties