ONX®600 is a carbon fiber reinforced PFA composite specifically formulated and cleaned for use in the semiconductor manufacturing environment.  It is a high-strength, high-purity material that withstands strong acid chemistries at high temperatures.

ONX®600 is used to make engineered components for wafer cleaning due to its resistivity to SPM (sulfuric-peroxide mixture, Piranha), SC1 (ammonium hydroxide-peroxide), SC2 (HCl-peroxide), and dilute HF cleaning solutions.  This material is recommended for precision components, is stable to wet process temperatures up to 260°C [500°F] and is pure enough for applications that must contact the wafer edge.  In addition, because silicone is harder than ONX® 600, edge damage and particles are minimized. Finally, ONX® 600 is electrically conductive to remove static charges caused by spin-spray actions, protecting delicate features of semiconductor devices.

ONX®600 offers enhanced performance and reduced cost of ownership over other fluoropolymer materials. It maximizes equipment capability and reliability through outstanding mechanical properties and consistent quality, making it an ideal choice for the challenging specifications of OEM equipment manufacturers.

Features and Benefits

  • Wear/mechanical resistance 260°C [500°F]
  • Electrically conductive/dissipative for low volume resistivity
  • Cleanliness < 3ppb for 30 metals
  • Chemical/Plasma resistance (SPM/ Piranha solutions)
  • Tensile & flexural strength ~10x improvement over standard unfilled PFA at ambient temp
  • Increase MTBR in application
  • Flexible design and customization capability