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23 Oct 2018

Greene Tweed to Present at ITHEC International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites in Bremen, Germany

Kulpsville, PA (October 2018) – Dr. Samuel Stutz, Senior Scientist at Greene Tweed, will present his paper entitled, “Creep of Discontinuous Long-Fiber C/PEEK Above Tg,” at the 2018 ITHEC Conference in Bremen, Germany, October 30-31, 2018.

Focusing on advanced thermoplastic materials and processes, ITHEC attendees include international academic experts and representatives from leading companies highlighting the opportunities thermoplastic composites offer in terms of cost, performance, and lead-time.

A Senior Scientist in the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) at Greene Tweed in Yverdon, Switzerland, Dr. Stutz received his PhD in Materials Science from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. Dr. Stutz has been developing new materials and new processes in the field of high performance polymers and composites for the past 15 years.

The paper is co-authored by Dr. Nicolas Weibel, who is the Technology Leader for Thermoplastic Composites in Greene Tweed’s ATG Group. Dr. Weibel has a joint PhD in Material Science from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Swiss Institute of Technology and the Institute for Management Development, Switzerland.

Discontinuous long fiber (DLF) materials are increasingly used by aircraft manufacturers to replace complex-shaped metal parts. DLF is produced by cutting C/PEEK UD tape with 60% fiber content into flakes that are then near-net-molded into parts. DLF has often been limited to temperatures below the glass transition temperature (Tg), as the polymer matrix suffers from increased creep above Tg. While it is known that the addition of carbon fibers reduces creep, no published data are available that show long-term behavior at temperatures above Tg. The creep modulus of DLF shows a clear increase over a 30-percent, short-fiber-filled, injected C/PEEK and a remarkably good long-term stability.

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ITHEC 4th International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites
30 – 31 October 2018 MESSE BREMEN, Germany

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