Greene, Tweed’s Chemraz® 504, a 65 Shore A hardness perfluoro-elastomer, provides an extremely broad range of chemical resistance and is perfect for services with low pressures and/or low temperatures. Chermaz 504 seals effectively in temperatures ranging from -22ºF to 446ºF (-30ºC to 230ºC). Chemraz 504 is well suited for a variety of applications, from mechanical seals to valve housings.

Chemraz 504 is available for use as O-rings, gaskets and many other custom shapes. Because of its versatility, Chemraz 504 is often used as a standard compound and can be found in a variety of fluids and solutions including acids, caustics, aldehydes, esters, aromatics, hot water, steam, amines, methanol, ketones, TBA and MTBE.

Features & Benefits

  • Broad chemical compatibility for use with a wide range of harsh solutions
  • Lower compression set provides better ability to handle temperature and pressure variations, shaft misalignment and O-ring shrinkage
  • Low temperature capabilities (-22°F/-30°C)


  • Mechanical seals
  • Valves
  • Pump housings
  • Sampling/metering equipment
  • Reactors
  • Mixers
  • Controls/instrumentation
  • Sprayers/dispensers
  • Couplings