As etch and deposition wafer processing operations utilize more diverse chemistries to maintain control of critical features typical of 3D architectures and devices, the sealing environment demands increase as well. These harsh environments often break down materials, causing harmful particulation and reduced wafer process equipment productivity.

Greene Tweed’s Chemraz® XPE-HP leverages an advanced perfluoroelastomer formulation which is highly resistant to O2 plasma, ozone, and UV environments, and stands up to fluorine-based plasmas like CF4 and NF3.

Chemraz XPE-HP offers the semiconductor industry an alternative to products that quickly erode and particulate in advanced wafer processing operations. With superior resistance to both radical oxygen and fluorine environments, this material affords increased chip yield and MTBC (Mean Time Between Cleans).

Features & Benefits

  • High UV and ozone resistance enables next generation process technology insertions
  • Superior O2 plasma resistance results in improved product integrity
  • High temperature capability
  • Reduced erosion and particulation
  • Decreased maintenance and replacement requirements
  • Excellent compression set


  • Chamber and slit valve seals
  • Endpoint windows
  • Gas inlet/outlet seals
  • Gate and isolator valve seals
  • Reactant delivery system seals
  • Reaction chamber lid seals

Weight Loss Comparison