Protection against oxygen-infused plasma is key in many etch chamber environments. These harsh environments often breakdown non-resistant materials, causing harmful particulation and, ultimately, defective chips.

Greene, Tweed’s Chemraz® XPE is highly resistant to O2 plasma and can be used in a wide range of applications, such as slit valve doors, reaction chamber lid seals, and gate valve seals. This advanced elastomeric material offers the semiconductor and solar industry an alternative to legacy products that quickly erode in the oxygen environment. With excellent resistance to both 02 and CF4 plasmas, this material affords an increased chip yield and maximized production. In addition, XPE seals provide customers with an increased MTBR (mean time between repair) to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


  • High temperature capability enables future technology and next generation applications
  • Superior O2 plasma resistance resulting in improved product integrity
  • High CF4 plasma resistance
  • Reduced product weight loss
  • Decreased maintenance and replacement requirements
  • Excellent compression set performance


  • Chamber and slit valve seals
  • Endpoint windows
  • Gas inlet/outlet seals
  • Gate and isolator valve seals
  • Reactant delivery system seals
  • Reaction chamber lid seals