Greene Tweed’s portfolio of coatings offer solutions for reducing the coefficient of friction in seal applications as well as reducing sticking force when required.

Enduro® LF10 is a thin conformal, PTFE based coating that can be applied to a variety of components within manufacturing equipment including elastomeric, thermoplastic or metal components to enhance their performance. Enduro® LF10 improves the performance by reducing the sticking force between component interfaces or wear caused by friction, both of which will reduce particulate generation. The coating exhibits excellent adhesion, high purity and excellent conformality to thoroughly cover complex surface features. With deposition at low temperatures, it can be applied to many types of surface materials. For aqueous chemical environments, Enduro® LF10 can also render surfaces from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. The coatings work well for both static and dynamic applications.

Enduro® LF10 coatings offer:

  • Continuous use at high temperatures equal to PTFE meets the thermal needs of most processes
  • High conformality enables coating of complex surface features
  • Friction and sticking force reduction extends lifetime of components, especially in dynamic and semi-dynamic applications
  • Deposition occurs at low temperatures allowing coating of delicate structures and temperature sensitive materials
  • Changeable surfaces from hydrophilic to hydrophobic enhance process equipment efficiencies

Enduro® LF10 coatings provide solutions for reducing the coefficient of friction in static and dynamic elastomeric seals as well plastic and metal components. It can also be used as way to reduce the sticking force (separation force) for seals, including vacuum seals. Finally, Enduro® LF10 coatings can convert the surface property from hydrophilic to hydrophobic.