Greene, Tweed solutions significantly enhance the safety and performance of critical applications

in the aerospace, semiconductor, oilfield and petrochemical and power industries. They are essential components of larger machines whose value extends far beyond their stature.

When we replace metals on an aircraft with lightweight composites, we lower emissions and reduce fuel costs for the airline. When we help our semiconductor customers achieve higher yields, we are participating in the race for technology that is faster, lighter, and more powerful than ever. Rising world energy demand is challenging the oilfield industry to expand into harsher environments, and Greene, Tweed solutions enable them to do so with maximum safety and performance. Once extracted, we are facilitating greater efficiency, prevention of hazardous leakage, and the maintenance of high safety standards in refineries.

In each case, our solutions work for a global directive. Redefine flight. Fuel the growing international community. Advance the next generation of technology.

This is our inspiration to go beyond – to continuously seek progress. This is innovation at Greene, Tweed.