Fusion® FKM

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FKM Overview

FKM is the ASTM designation for a class of fluorinated, carbon-based synthetic rubber, commonly known as fluoroelastomers. FKM has impressive heat resistance, allowing FKM seals to withstand temperatures greater than 200°C. FKM also exhibits extraordinary levels of resistance to high pressures, chemicals, and other fluids (including several fuels).

FKM was originally developed in the late 1950s in response to demand for high performance seals in the aerospace industry. Development of FKMs continued through the 1980s, with advancements including greater thermal stability and improved heat, solvent, and compression resistance.

Today, FKM materials are commonly used to manufacture o-rings, seals, and gaskets for a variety of high-performance applications in the automotive, aerospace, energy, semiconductor, and industrial industries.

Greene Tweed’s Fusion® elastomers have been engineered to withstand conditions such as RGD and low and high temperatures, and to ensure minimal particulation in clean environments.

The Fusion® product line combines Greene Tweed’s engineering, design, and materials expertise, focus on continuous product improvement and high-touch customer support and collaboration to develop highly engineered solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of the diverse markets we serve.