Product Details

High Pressure and Temperatures are No Match

Fusion® FKM is a fluorinated, carbon-based synthetic rubber built to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, corrosive chemicals, and volatile fluids (including several fuels). Fusion® materials are typically used to manufacture O-rings, seals, and gaskets for demanding applications in extreme environments.

For an overview of Greene Tweed material capabilities, explore our Product and Material Brands Reference Guide.

Features and Benefits

  • Conforms well to hardware features
  • Broad chemical and temperature resistance and compatibility
  • Extended service life for increased value
  • Low particulation

Industries & Applications

A Flexible, Affordable Elastomer

Fusion® FKM products are designed to be used across a wide range of applications. No matter how demanding the environment, our team works with you to determine the right solution for the job.

Applications include:

  • Downhole
  • Dry and wet wafer processing equipment
  • FPD processing equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Oil & Gas

Reliable Performance

Fusion® FKM is field-tested for performance and durability in extreme operating conditions. For examples of how this advanced elastomer can work for you, explore our Fusion® Product Brochures.

Fusion® FKM Resources


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A Universal FKM Solution

Let’s connect to see how Fusion® FKM can support your business goals.