Product Details

High Pressure Protection

To safeguard your electrical connectors against pressure, conductive fluids, and other contaminants, Greene Tweed recommends a Seal-Connect® elastomeric connector boot.

The boots come in a wide range of styles for interchangeability with your existing connector system and exclusive use with a Seal-Connect® solution. Available in both single- and multi-pin, our design engineers work with you to create an assembly for your specific application.

Features and Benefits

  • Chemraz® FFKM and Fusion™ FKM elastomers
  • Pressure-rated to 204°C (400°F) and up to 25 ksi 
  • Wide range of applications
  • Qualified under ISO 23936-2 and NORSOK M-710 standards for RGD resistance

Industries & Applications

A Boot Kit for Every Application

A wide range of applications rely on Greene Tweed’s selection of custom-engineered boot kits. No matter how demanding the environment, our team works with you to determine the right connector for the job.

Applications include:

  • Drilling, LWD/MWD, and Artificial Lift
  • Upstream operations
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Underwater Vehicles
  • Aerospace Aircraft
  • Defense Vessels

Trust Us With Your Application

Greene Tweed Seal-Connect® connectivity solutions can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock. We developed our connector portfolio over decades of collaboration with equipment manufacturers, service providers, and operators, leading to over 80 U.S. and foreign patents. On land or offshore, our engineers work with you to determine the best solution for your application.

Your Next Boot Kit Connector Solution

Reach out to learn how Greene Tweed boot kits can support your application needs.