Product Details

Superior Friction Reduction

Greene Tweed’s Canted Coil MSE® (Metal Spring Energized) seal is designed to reduce power loss and improve precision movement without sacrificing leakage control or durability. With its broad chemical compatibility and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressure, this high-performance seal meets and exceeds the safety and wear requirements of a wide range of industrial environments.

After two years of intensive development and testing, our newest Canted Coil MSE® sets a new standard for performance.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality construction retains its properties and durability in demanding environments
  • Friction improvement of up to 61% across a wide temperature range
  • Ideal for smaller diameters
  • Up to 74% leakage control improvement compared to leading manufacturers – especially at low temperatures
  • Metal spring provides sealing force under low pressure
  • Seal jacket provides unidirectional sealing element with anti-extrusion features
  • Broad temperature resistance – cryogenic to 550°F (288°C)
  • Sealing and friction properties remain consistent even as sealing material wears away
  • Superior friction reduction over leading competitors (see graphs below)
canted coil mse seal
Two years of design development and extensive testing resulted in superior friction reduction and leakage control when compared to our competitors.

Canted Coil

Industries & Applications

Versatile Sealing Solutions for Smaller Diameters

The Canted Coil MSE® seal is designed to be used across a wide range of applications. No matter how demanding the environment, our team works with you to determine the right solution for the job.

Applications include:

  • Robotic movement
  • Valve controls
  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Medical dispensing
  • Semiconductor production

Sealing Performance

MSE® sealing solutions are a proven performer in linear, static, oscillating, and rotary applications. As a customer, you can be certain your sealing solution will arrive exactly as ordered.

A Premium Sealing Solution