Product Details

Wafer Handling and Cleaning for Demanding Applications

If you’re looking for wafer handling and cleaning components built to function in high-temperature and corrosive environments, Greene Tweed will work with you to find the right material and solution for the job.

These composite/thermoplastic components are typically used to replace metallic single wafer and wet clean/etch processing parts.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved reliability and efficiency
  • Replacement for metallic parts
  • Perform under harsh conditions
  • Resistance to extreme chemicals, temperature, and pressure
  • Extended service life

Industries & Applications

Performance in Critical Applications

Greene Tweed engineered components are custom designed to be used for your most challenging applications. No matter how demanding the environment, our team works with you to determine the right solution for the job.

Applications include:

  • Chuck ring/pin/head
  • Inner base
  • Screw/bolt
  • Guide pins
  • Cover nozzle

Reliable Performance

Greene Tweed’s wafer handling and cleaning components are designed to withstand extreme conditions and are available in a variety of materials and molds. In addition to the standard designs in our catalog, we offer custom solutions and configurations designed for your specific applications.

Get the right engineered component for your application.

Contact our sales team to learn how Greene Tweed can support your wafer handling or cleaning needs.