Product Details

Versatile Sealing for Demanding Environments

Greene Tweed designs customizable rotary seals for corrosive environments and wide temperature ranges. Rotary seals prevent leakage and keep equipment safe from dirt, mud, water, and contaminants.      

An unlimited number of custom-engineered configurations are available. Our design team works with you to find the right sealing solution no matter how demanding the application. Each order is manufactured specifically for your order, enabling easy retrofit and installation.

Rotary seals can be solid, split, hammerhead, press fit, or a unique design and size. Our rotary seals are machined and not molded. This results in lower costs and quicker turnaround time compared to molded elastomeric seals.

Features and Benefits

  • Friction can be adjusted and controlled
  • Extended service life, reduced overall maintenance
  • Withstand corrosive environments
  • Wide temperature performance
  • Runs dry or lubricated

Industries & Applications

Performance Under Pressure

A wide range of industries and applications rely on Greene Tweed’s selection of custom-engineered rotary seals. No matter how demanding the environment, our team will help you determine the right seal solution.

Applications include:

  • Aircraft engines, breaks, and controls
  • Gearboxes
  • Fuel controls, pumps, and valves
  • Hydraulic systems, oxygen systems, and cryo coolers
  • APUs (Auxiliary Power Units)

Versatile Sealing Performance

Whatever your industry, Greene Tweed has a sealing solution—and if we don’t, we’ll custom build one for you. Please contact us to learn how Greene Tweed sealing solutions can work for you.

Your Next Rotary Seal Solution

Let’s connect to see how Greene Tweed can support your rotary seal needs.