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With over 200 engineers working across three continents, we have the expertise and knowledge to support your Life Sciences needs.

Greene Tweed is dedicated to quality results. We collaborate with our customers to solve challenges and manufacture new and effective outcomes.

We make it easy to work with our engineering experts. They apply their application knowledge to our best-in-class materials like Chemraz®, Orthtek®, and Avalon® and provide the documentation, testing, and expertise to support your application.

Expert Application Engineering

Pure and Stable Pharmaceutical Sealing Solutions


Our Chemraz® SD517 and Chemraz® SD625 PTFE-like sealing materials perform against the most challenging pharma manufacturing and processing conditions:

  • Resistance to Q3C Class 3 solvents
  • Minimal extractables in aqueous to nonpolar systems
  • Cleanroom production and packaging (SD517 only)
  • Very high thermal stability (up to 260°C)
  • Long service lifetime compared to silicone, EPDM, or Viton™
  • Long-term stability in common sterilization, pyrogen inactivation, and prion-destroying conditions (SD625 only)

Carbon Fiber PEEK


Cut out risk of strain, injury, and life-threatening errors caused by heavy stainless steel alloys. And not by relying on weak plastic replacements.

Our Orthtek® WF 50% carbon fiber PEEK composite outperforms metal and other plastics:

  • Very lightweight (1.54 g / cm3) to reduce strain and injury risk
  • Radiolucent to improve x-ray clarity and limit patient exposure
  • Comparable strength to metal
  • Structural material for insertion jigs, fixator rings, and other external medical devices
  • Available in small custom batches (10s of units) or larger mass quantities (100,000s of units)

Long-Term Performance


Seals are a weak point in many HPLC and SEC instruments and in-process sensors. Find the reliability you need in your analytical instruments with our sealing solutions. 

Our products perform under extreme chemical, pressure, and temperature conditions. They extend the life cycle of your instruments and help avoid preventative maintenance.

Greene Tweed offers Chemraz® 605 in standard parts, custom designs, or sheets. Its excellent compression rate and extrusion resistance ensure lasting performance.

FDA Certifications

Greene Tweed’s list of FDA certifications reaffirms that we regularly exceed industry standards and maintain the highest level of quality when it comes to our facilities, operations and materials manufacturing.

Download relevant Life Sciences FDA certifications below:

Avalon® 87WS FDA Statement of Compliance

Avalon® 37 FDA Statement of Compliance

Avalon® 01 FDA Statement of Compliance

Avalon® 56 FDA Statement of Compliance

Arlon® 1000 FDA Statement of Compliance

Chemraz® SD517 FDA Statement of Compliance

Chemraz® SD585 FDA Statement of Compliance

Chemraz® SD625 FDA Statement of Compliance

Fluoraz® SD890 FDA Statement of Compliance

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Industry-Proven Products

Pharmaceutical Sealing Solutions

The most common type of elastomer seal, o-rings provide cost-effective, flexible sealing solutions across a wide range of demanding applications. Greene Tweed offers Chemraz® SD517 and Chemraz® SD625, high-performance PTFE-like sealing materials that offer unparalleled stability and lifetime service to nearly all pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing conditions.

High Performance, Low Friction

Greene Tweed’s low-friction, ultra-durable rod and piston seals offer an outstanding combination of easy installation, low leakage, and longer service life for exceptional performance in static and dynamic sealing applications.

They are constructed of superior elastomers and thermoplastics designed to withstand harsh conditions, O-ring roll, and spiral failure in the most challenging conditions.

High-Strength, Lightweight Medical Technology

Greene Tweed offers precision-molded thermoplastic components for a wide range of x-ray applications, medical tools, surgical instruments, and other hospital equipment.

Available in three patented materials (Orthtek®, Xycomp® DLF®, and Arlon® 1260), our custom designed medical components provide superior strength to weight ratio, chemical resistance, and service life to their metallic counterparts.

Extreme Temperature and Corrosion Resistance

If you’re looking for wafer handling and cleaning components built to function in high-temperature and corrosive environments, Greene Tweed will work with you to find the right material and solution for the job.