Xycomp® DLF

Xycomp® DLF Thermoplastic Composite

Xycomp® DLF is a lightweight thermoplastic composite developed to replace complex-shaped metal components. With outstanding fatigue, vibration, and impact resistance, it provides up to 50% weight savings.

Xycomp® DLF is produced from aerospace-grade, carbon-fiber-reinforced, unidirectional prepreg tape which is chopped into flakes, resulting in high fiber content (60% by volume / 70% by weight), longer fibers (0.5 in / 13 mm or greater), and a high degree of material control. Flakes are matched-die compression molded in a proprietary process called ProFusion, enabling the production of 3D shapes with variable wall thickness and molded-in features such as fasteners, inserts, and ribs. The benefits of this molding technique include the consolidation of complex assemblies into fewer parts, and the optimization of raw material required per component.


Strength and Performance

  • Carbon Fiber/PEEK, Carbon Fiber/Nylon
  • Matched-die compression molded
  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Excellent impact performance
  • Thermal stability
  • Chemical and environmental resistance
  • Galvanic corrosion mitigation

Weight Savings

  • Significant reduction in density vs. metals
  • Typical application weight savings of 35-50%
  • Part consolidation

The Greene Tweed Imprint

Full-Service Partner

  • In-House Engineering, Design, Testing & Analysis
  • Thermoplastic composite component redesign
  • DFM analysis and manufacturing optimization
  • Full Xycomp® DLF® Design Allowable Data
  • Global presence and support

weight reduction engine brackets


Xycomp® 2175

  • 60% by volume Carbon fiber /Nylon matrix
  • Industrial, automotive, and robotics components
  • Up to 175°F [79°C] available

Xycomp® 5175

  • 60% by volume Carbon fiber / Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) matrix
  • Aerospace and Defense brackets, fairings, enclosures, and other lightweight structures
  • Solvent resistant
  • Low temperatures to -65°F [-54°C]
  • High temperatures to 400°F [204°C]