Product Details

Metal Strength at a Fraction of the Weight

If you need a lightweight alternative to metal components that can hold its own in extreme conditions, parts produced from Xycomp® DLF™ are the solution. This high-performance thermoplastic composite is designed to replace complex-shape metallic components for aerospace and defense, space, industrial, and other applications.

With a high fiber content, Xycomp® DLF™ components meet FST (flame, smoke toxicity) standards and 15-minute burn-through requirements, all while weighing up to 60% less than their metal counterparts. They are ideal for use in aircraft, engines, aerostructures, and mobility platforms

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 60% weight reduction
  • Fatigue, vibration, and impact resistance equal to or better than metal
  • Excellent property retention at elevated temperatures
  • Chemical resistance to all common aerospace fluids
  • Consolidates complex assemblies into fewer parts via a net molded solution

Industries & Applications

Better than Metal

Xycomp® DLF™ thermoplastic composite components are designed to be used across a wide range of applications valuing strength and weight optimization. No matter how demanding the environment, our team works with you to co-develop an optimized and custom solution for your needs.

Applications include:

  • Nacelle and engine components
  • Interiors
  • Aerostructures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Robotics

Reliable Performance

Xycomp® DLF™ is field-tested for performance and durability in extreme operating conditions with proven aerospace pedigree. Please contact us to learn how Greene Tweed thermoplastic Xycomp solutions can work for you.

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