When it can’t fail, choose Greene Tweed. 

Greene Tweed designs and manufactures thermoplastics, elastomers, composites, sealing solutions, and engineered components for your most demanding applications. 


Boost productivity. Reduce contamination and costs. Greene Tweed’s unique solutions combat the harsh plasmas and chemicals in wafer fabrication processes. 



Greene Tweed’s design engineers work with you to deliver custom-engineered, high-performance parts and equipment for oil & gas, petrochemical, and power generation applications. 

life sciences

Life Sciences

Greene Tweed offers solutions for even your most challenging applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, analytical, and food & beverage. 

hydrogen power

Hydrogen Power

Greene Tweed stays ahead of the game when it comes to solutions for securing the future of the hydrogen economy. Our clean, safe, and durable products match this industry in integrity and reliability. 

industrial operations

Industrial Operations

Safeguard your workers and your operations with durable, reliable solutions that optimize performance across a variety of industrial applications. 

aerospace defense

Aerospace & Defense

Greene Tweed entered the Aerospace & Defense industry over 50 years ago. Find out why our solutions remain an industry standard. 

chemical processing

Chemical Processing

Greene Tweed engineers will help you find the best material solution based on chemical compatibility, temperature, pressure, and wear. 

Greene Tweed’s design and application engineers innovate parts and materials for the industry’s toughest sealing, connectivity, weighting, and wear applications. 

global advantage

A Global Advantage

With presence throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Greene Tweed adheres to the strictest of manufacturing standards at all our facilities to ensure quality production and compliance. 

design application engineering

Explore career opportunities at Greene Tweed