Dynamic Product Applications

Brace for Impact

Get optimal Fire, Smoke, Toxicity (FST) performance with these CNC machined metal replacement parts. Total benefits include quality mechanical performance, creep resistance, and extreme temperature capability.

Stay Safe From Wear and Tear

These components are CNC machined metal replacement parts that provide mechanical performance, impact resistance, temperature capability, EMI/electrical properties, and FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) performance.

Operational Stability

High quality mechanical and FST performance. Resistance to hail impact, erosion, and bird strikes. Our components are ideal for CNC machined metal and lay-up composite replacement parts.

High-Quality Precision

Compared to metals, our components provide superior strength, radiolucent properties, and environmental resistance. Expect reliable stability even after repeated sterilization autoclave cycles.

Making History Every Day

Greene Tweed has pushed the boundaries of material science for over 150 years. We collaborate with you to build out new ideas, explore the use of new polymers, and test effective products

Your Next Structural Components Solution

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