Structural Components

Greene Tweed produces composite structural components for a variety of industries, including the aerospace and energy markets. As interest in lightweight grows, Greene Tweed has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to developing new ways to develop complex shapes and tubular structural components that meet increasingly challenging requirements such as chemical compatibility and high temperature requirements. Greene Tweed engineered Xycomp® DLF, an innovative, high-performance thermoplastic composite ideally suited for complex-shape structural components for a variety of critical applications.

Our Xycomp® high-performance thermoplastic composite structural components provide significant light-weighting compared to comparable metal solutions. As a metal replacement solution, Xycomp® offers exceptional mechanical performance that helps customers reduce energy costs and minimize operational downtime. Exceptional fatigue resistance guards against failure due to crack propagation while high temperature resistance allows for excellent retention of properties when it comes to thermal aging versus other metal and composite materials. Xycomp® materials offer broad resistance to a variety of fluids, including aviation fuels, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, cleaners and solvents, and de-icing fluids.

In the aerospace industry, our customers rely on Xycomp® custom-designed components to reduce aircraft weight to improve fuel efficiency. Xycomp® structural components can offer weight savings of 35% versus aluminum and 40% versus steel or titanium, contributing to lowered fuel costs. Our solutions also allow for part consolidation, which simplifies assembly and reduces weight of key components. With excellent FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) performance, corrosion and fatigue resistance, they are suitable for a wide range of applications including brackets, covers, fairings and cabin sidewall attachments.

Customers in the energy industry rely on the Xycomp® materials family to deliver high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability. Xycomp® materials may be used in in HPHT applications with continuous operations up to 40 bar (600 psi) at 250°F (121°C). Xycomp® is ideally suited to replace metal or ceramic containment shells because it eliminates eddy current losses in magnetically driven pumps for dramatic energy savings and improved efficiencies.

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