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Patents and trade secrets from over 150 years of experience

Greene Tweed products perform in the roughest operating conditions. We design solutions that promote safety and reduce environmental impacts like emissions and unplanned downtime. 

Need solutions for chemical compatibility, temperature, pressure, and wear? Our engineers know the right materials to use. Our Arlon® and Xycomp® DLF product lines are lightweight solutions for structural components. Our WR® and AR® thermoplastic components increase efficiency and life cycles of rotating equipment.

Expert Application Engineering

Leading Industrial Seal Manufacturer

Heavy Equipment

Go off-road knowing your agricultural, construction, and forestry applications are top of the line. Greene Tweed seals prevent leakage, decrease emissions, and avoid internal contamination.

We built our industrial operations products to withstand a range of conditions. Our engineers select the right materials from our portfolio of elastomers and thermoplastics to make our seals:

  • G-T® rings
  • Metal Spring Energized (MSE®) seals
  • Seal stacks
  • Capped seals
  • Labyrinth seals

Sealing Solutions for Harsh Chemicals

Chemical Handling

Aggressive solvents damage traditional solutions and risk premature failure. Optimize performance with our Chemraz® perfluoroelastomers and Arlon® PEEK thermoplastics. They offer near total protection against chemical attack. Even in extreme temperatures and harsh environments.  

Pumps, Cylinder Seals, Wear Rings

Hydraulic Cylinders

Avoid leakage and contamination with our sealing solutions for hydraulic cylinders. Increase productive operating time with safe solutions built from industry experience. We test for relevant operating conditions and engineer our seals to maximize reliability. 

Industrial Operations Resources


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Advanced Materials & Sealing Solutions for Valves

Industry-Proven Products

Simple, Versatile Sealing Solutions

The most common type of elastomer seal, o-rings provide cost-effective, flexible sealing solutions across a wide range of demanding applications. The o-ring can be used either as a seal itself or as the energizing element in PTFE, cap-type seals.

If you are looking for backup rings, Greene Tweed’s engineers will work with you to develop a custom designed backup ring configuration suited to your needs.

Versatile Sealing for Demanding Environments

Metal spring energized (MSE®) seals are custom designed with a dual-lip body for superior performance in the most demanding conditions. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals found in a aerospace, energy, and other industrial applications. 

Avoid Damage and Downtime

Greene Tweed thermoplastic composite wear parts are designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations. Lighter and more resistant than their metal counterparts, our engineered components have become the industry standard for refineries, chemical plants, and power generation plants.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced repair and maintenance time
  • Minimized chance of damage to critical components
  • Reduced vibration due to tighter clearance

Reliable Connections in Rugged Environments

Greene Tweed Seal-Connect® electrical and fiber optic connectivity solutions can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock. We developed our connector portfolio over decades of collaboration with equipment manufacturers, service providers, and operators, leading to over 80 U.S. and foreign patents. On land or offshore, our engineers work with you to determine the best solution for your application.