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Advanced Solutions for Semiconductor Fabrication


Years of experience designing solutions for Semiconductor applications

Greene Tweed is the first in the nation to use cleanroom manufacturing. Leading semiconductor fabs, foundries, and OEMs trust our solutions for their critical applications.

We have evolved our sealing design and development to keep up with the advancing semiconductor industry. Chemraz® seals withstand the plasmas used in cutting-edge deposition and etch wafer processing. ONX® 600 composite components resist harsh chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing. Our range of solutions includes bonding, encapsulation, and coating capabilities for extra protection.

Expert Application Engineering

Perform Under Pressure



Etching is an aggressive process that removes surface layers from a wafer surface during manufacturing by bombarding the wafer with ions. Greene Tweed builds products for the dry etch vacuum environment:

  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • E-seals
  • Avalon® shields for BSV doors
  • Focus rings
  • Mechanical fasteners

Improve Sealing Integrity

Valve Seals

We manufacture semiconductor fabrication valve sealing solutions with a range of benefits:

  • Improve sealing integrity, reduce wear. Our PTFE shields against process exposure to seals and extends their lifespan.
  • Simplify installation, avoid time-consuming O-ring replacement. Bonded Slit Valve Door (BSV) solutions allow for replacement of a few bolts to complete BSV door assembly.

Our portfolio materials like Chemraz® bond seals to aluminum or stainless steel doors. This combines the door and seal into one piece to get rid of traditional molded parting lines and limit particle generation. Our bonded designs last up to 10x longer than typical perfluoroelastomer O-rings.

Turn up the Temperature

Wafer Handling

ONX® 600, a fluoropolymer-based, carbon-fiber-reinforced composite, is a high-strength, high-purity material that withstands strong acid chemistries at high temperatures.

We make components like wafer-handling pads (fangs) for robots that transfer wafer during processes like doping, ion implantation, etching, and thin-film deposition to:

  • Avoid sticking to the robot blade.
  • Prevent wafer from flying off the robot blade.
  • Give high-temperature endurance for hot wafers.
  • Provide wear resistance on the robot blade.
  • Reduce sticking with proprietary surface finishes on pads.

Boost Semiconductor Production


Greene Tweed is an industry leader in edge exclusion technology. We manufacture our seals to enhance performance, extend seal life, and reduce sticking.

The Enduro™ LF10 is a thin conformal, PTFE-based coating that fortifies components in manufacturing equipment like elastomerics, thermoplastics, or metals. 

Our edge exclusion products maximize the wafer surface to process more chips. They seal the edge of the wafer and put an end to plating on the backside of the wafer.

Semiconductor Resources

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Industry-Proven Products

The Premium Elastomer for Demanding Applications

Do you need an elastomer o-ring or sealing solution built to handle even the most extreme conditions? Meet Chemraz®, our highest-performing elastomer and the ultimate FFKM material. With temperature ratings up to 315°C (599°F), nearly universal chemical compatibility, and the broadest chemical resistance of any elastomeric material, Chemraz® is the prime choice for the most challenging semiconductor applications.

Versatile Seals for Demanding Semiconductor Environments

The most common type of elastomer seal, o-rings provide cost-effective, flexible sealing solutions across a wide range of demanding applications. The o-ring can be used either as a seal itself or as the energizing element in PTFE, cap-type seals. Greene Tweed's Chemraz® FFKM is used in o-rings and seals in environments with high temperatures and/or harsh chemicals, as in the semiconductor industry,

A Reliable, Affordable OEM Solution

ONX® 600 is a high-performance, low-cost composite used in precision engineered components for semiconductor manufacturing. If you need a resilient wafer cleaning solution able to withstand corrosive chemicals at high temperatures, this is the material for you.

Extreme Temperature and Corrosion Resistance

If you’re looking for wafer handling and cleaning components built to function in high-temperature and corrosive environments, Greene Tweed will work with you to find the right material and solution for the job.

These composite/thermoplastic components are typically used to replace metallic single wafer and wet clean/etch processing parts.