Dynamic Product Applications

High Strength, High Purity

Prepare for extreme temperatures and corrosive environments with our engineered components like:

  • Outer chuck rings
  • Inner bases
  • Chuck pins
  • Chuck heads
  • Clamp chucks
  • Screws
  • Cover nozzles
  • Bolts
  • Guide pins

Centrifugal Components

Reinforce rotating and stationary surfaces with wear rings, bearings, bushings, and thrust bearings designed to restrict flow.

Innovative Solutions

Safety and efficiency drive innovation in Greene Tweed thermoplastic composite wear parts. Our application engineers understand the industry standards for refineries, chemical plants, and power generation plants.

Making History Every Day

Greene Tweed has pushed the boundaries of material science for over 150 years. We collaborate with you to build out new ideas, explore the use of new polymers, and test effective products.

Your Next Engineered Components Solution

Reach out to learn how Greene Tweed's products can support your application needs.

Engineered Components Resources


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