Are You Ready for the Future of Hydrogen?

Small molecule size, low lubricity and high working pressures make H2 extremely challenging to produce, store, transport, and use as an alternative energy source. At Greene Tweed, we have been manufacturing high-performance elastomers, thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components that can withstand harsh industrial conditions. We are ready with a wide range of material solutions that solve the complex hydrogen challenges.

Arlon 3000XT®
The world’s first crosslinked PEEK-based polymer, Arlon 3000XT®’s chemical and creep resistance, mechanical strength at high temperatures, and capacity for high-volume manufacturing make it an attractive solution for key components of hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers, valves, and reciprocating compressors.

Fusion® 665
Fusion® 665 O-rings are made from high performance FKM for low temperature services in hydrogen valves, compressors, and instrumentation.

Chemraz® 541
Chemraz® 541 has exceptional chemical compatibility, low outgassing properties and high-temperature capabilities up to 300°C, making it perfect for use in electrolyzers and fuel cells.

Fusion® 938
Fusion® 938 provides superior RGD-resistant properties, enabling seal integrity. Fusion® 938 also offers an improved lower temperature operating window. Its compression set resistance provides superior sealing and leak prevention unmatched by the leading competitive material.

And more!
As constant innovators, Greene Tweed stays ahead of the game when it comes to securing the future of the hydrogen economy. Our experts develop clean, safe, and reliable products for applications that are too important to fail.

The hydrogen economy is here and Greene Tweed experts are ready to help!